Sunday, February 09, 2014

Angel Haze, Dirty Gold Album Review!

I first came across Angel Haze when I found her same love cover, then I realised she had also featured on one if not my favourite albums of 2013 Rudimentals Home, on the track 'Hell could freeze'. So I just had to check out her album Dirty Gold.

To me a good album is one I can listen to from start to finish, without needing to skip any track, and this is definitely that!
Once I got my hands on the album I was immediately captivated.

I was immediately caught up into Haze's flow and was waiting for the next track with anticipation.
Her ability to tell a story is one I haven't heard for a while, all her lyrics come very honest whilst speaking from the heart, Haze traps you into a story with each track being a new chapter you just have to listen on. Not just a musician but a storyteller.

Haze says it best herself in a statement at the beginning of the album on first track 'Sing about me'. In which she says ''I'm making it for people who want to get lost.'' That is just what you do get lost.

'Echelon my way' Haze's first single released from the album is a catchy banger in which i challenge you to keep still to. There's something for everyone from punchy catchy pop rap, to a slow thought provoking rap ballad.

Possibly my favourite song from the album has to be 'A tribe called red'. Which is Haze's song to say she has entered the proverbial building and is not going anywhere. At the beginning and end of the track she claims ''Everything you need to know about me is in the music.'' This statement could not be more apt and true. Discovering her version of Eminem's Cleaning out my closet, which makes for both moving and honest insight into Haze's younger years. She definitely has a story to tell. Tracks like 'Black Synagogue' and 'Black Dahlia' are amazing tracks I found my self replaying over and over.

A few more honorable mentions go to 'Deep sea diver' and 'Aprils fool'. But don't take my word for it, it truly is an exceptional debut album from start to finish and a new favourite of mine and deserves a listen. I look forward to seeing what she brings next so go have a listen and tell me what you think.

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