Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Have you heard of Photobox?

Have you heard of Photobox? Because I hadn't, I don't know how they managed to stay hidden from me up until now. So I want to share them with you.

I love printed photos and old family photos and albums, but doesn't it feel like the digital picture has taken over and left the good old fashioned printed picture in the dust at the back of the cupboard?
Over Christmas I made a few photo albums as presents and used a local print shop. Whilst the quality was great the price was a bit much in my opinion.
I stumbled across Photobox when ordering a birthday card through Moonpig as a promotional offer I was offered 75 free photo prints if I signed up. Usually I'm a little skeptical of these free offers and promotions but thought this sounded a good deal so why not.

I hopped on over to the website and had a little look around, it was so simple to use and navigate which was refreshing, in this age of technology where the simplest things become complicated? So where do I get these free pictures I said to myself. I found the section to upload and started rooting though the pictures on my laptop that I wanted printed for my own personal album. Once uploaded you have the options to pick the size you want and I opted for 6x4. You then get the chance to make sure that crops of your photos are suitable and framed the way you like. Another feature I thought was pretty cool was the image quality rating, allowing you to know if your pictures where of good quality and if not maybe the best, you at least know the quality would drop and have the option to choose another picture. The last option you get is whether or not you want glossy or matte, I opted for glossy as when it comes to personal photos it's just a preference. You then proceed to checkout and your photos are saved on the system for future use so included in your account is unlimited free storage, it just gets better. Delivery options where reasonable and I opted for £2.99, so free photos and just delivery at £2.99 bargain! 
I thought I'd have to wait a bit but with a 1-4 working day turn around, I received mine in 3 days. I opened my small parcel when it arrived and was welcomed by a plastic holder which the photos where in all, included in the price, to make for easy and safe storage! 
The pictures are excellent quality and i was very impressed. I will defineately be ordering again to add to my growing album. At a price of £0.12 per print for between 1-199 pictures, who can say no. The more pictures you print the price goes down per photo! 
They offer a huge range of other products including canvases, photo books, calendars, phone cases, iPad cases and too many more to name.

A few features to add:
- ability to upload from Facebook and instagram as well as your computer.
- free unlimited storage and sharing.
- ease of use.
- tons of ongoing discounts and offers.
- affordable prices.
- free apple store app to order on the go.

And sign up at the moment and receive,wait for it, 40 FREE PRINTS!
So why not give it a look I'm sure you'll love it as much as I do.

Till next time....

-she got the power in her hand, to shock you like you won't believe-


  1. Oh, I always use Photobox. It really is a great service! If you get people to sign up, you can get more prints through that as well!

    1. They are great, ill definitely be sending it to everyone now. Great blog by the way!



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