Wednesday, February 12, 2014

January Favourites....

Here's a quick (late) January favourites just a few things I've liked over January!

There's a few films i haven't been able to stop watching over January We're the Millers, Frozen and Pitch Perfect. We're the Millers i got for Christmas and i think its hilarious, i haven't actually found a film this funny in a while, i highly recommend you go have a watch you won't regret it. Check out the trailer here!

Now Frozen has literally become a Disney favourite of mine already, your never to old for a Disney film in my eyes.

This is my favourite song from the film, if you want to watch something you can sing along to look no further then Frozen, and if Olaf fails to make you laugh we can't be friends!

Speaking of sing along Pitch Perfect is well Perfect for just that! Whilst making me laugh throughout, most of which coming from Rebel Wilson, i am a self confessed lover of acapella!(Which made me go looking for more, if you like acapella too check out The Pentatonix) I honestly think i have a problem, show me a medley or mash up and I'm there. One of my favourite scenes below.

There's a few albums I've been loving two of which Partly influenced by the previous mentioned films, i had to get the soundtracks to Frozen and Pitch Perfect! I have no regrets.

But aside from soundtracks there isn't a day i haven't listened to AlunaGeorge - Body Music.

I honestly can't tell you my love for this album you just have to check it out.

A favourite song and book through January has to be The Fugees - Fu Gee La which i have rekindled my love with. 

And the book Killer Tune by Dreda Say Mitchell, i haven't been able to put it down, I've read almost all her other books and she never disappoints for me.

I know I've given you quiet a link heavy post but click a few and i guarantee you will enjoy something.

Till next time....

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  1. Oh I loved Frozen, I can't wait for the DVD to come out.

    1. I honestly will waste no time in buying it!



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