Sunday, March 09, 2014

February Favourites!

Here's my February favourites,what I've been liking through February.

Music wise you can see pretty much most of the music I've had playing in my music roundup post.

But other then that I have been loving and when I say loving that is an understatement, Leah Mcfall and her song No Ordinary Love. If you listen to anything today I urge you to listen to this. It is such a chilled out song which led to me going back to an even greater song. The sample it uses 
I can't tell you or explain how laid back this song makes me feel so i'll just leave it here for you to chill to yourself.

So I came across my collection of my Gameboy and all my games in all their glory. So what did I do, sat for hours and played them of course! Something about old games and gaming systems I will always love.

An app I've loved this month is Instagram. I always like Instagram but February I found myself there even more. I also started my #photoaday project on the 1st of February so go check that out and let me know what you think and leave me yours!
srftaylor1 <--------- click it you know you want too!

I have a slight addiction! Now when I love a drink or food (drinks more so) you won't see me not drinking it. I love Liptons Ice Tea but after finding the shop at the bottom of my road stocks the Green Tea Lemon version, lets just say the shop keeper see's me often. I also came across the Extra Lemon chewing gum I like most citrusy flavoured things and this is no different.

A couple body type products that have made it to my favourites are the Original Source shower gels,particularly the lime version. It's so refreshing and smells great. Also just like all the beauty bloggers I've been loving the Maybelline Baby Lips, specifically in Pink Punch.

These are my February favourites but what are yours?

Till next time....

Cause she's just like nothing, That I ever seen before, Baby please don't change nothing, Because your flavor's so original-


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