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Music Roundup.....What I've been listening to.

So just a quick post, a little roundup of some of the stuff I've been listening to recently.
I've been revisiting some old albums that I've loved and some new ones too.

Starting with Ashanti and her self titled debut album, this album is a classic for me and I can always listen to it. Check out a couple of my favourite songs off the album here in case you haven't heard any of them, for me its an RnB classic hopefully it can become one for you too.
Ashanti - Baby

Kendrick Lamar's Good Kid m.A.A.d City is his debut album from 2012, i'm quiete a fan of his music and always love to throw on the album every now and again. Again a couple of my favourites for you to have a listen.
Kendrick Lamar - Poetic Justice

 Kendrick Lamar - Bitch Don't Kill My Vibe

Kendrick Lamar - Real

Gym Class Heroes The Papercut Chronicles came out in 2005 whilst I was in school I remember having this album on repeat all the time, it will always be a favourite of mine, taking you through an array of emotions(well at the time anyway!).
Gym Class Heroes - Petrified Life and the Twice Told Joke

Arctic monkeys - AM is their 5th studio album released towards the end of last year. The Arctic Monkeys have always been familiar with me but I don't think iv'e ever had an album of theirs until this one, its a great album and i'm sure most of  you have heard some of their stuff if not then have a listen.
Arctic Monkeys - Why'd you only call me when your high
Arctic Monkeys - Do I Wanna Know
Arctic Monkeys - Knee Socks

UK grime duo Krept and Konan released their independent mixtape Young Kingz which lead to them being signed to Virgin due to the great success. Now if you haven't heard of them why not give them a listen whilst not for everyone you might surprise yourself!

I don't know many people who don't like a bit of Pink, and everyone has their favourite Pink. Mine has to be debut album RnB Pink, don't get me wrong I love her music now but this will always be my favourite!
Pink - There you go
Pink - You make me sick
Pink - Most girls

Most people haven't heard of Skindred, I was introduced to them by my best friend quiet a few years ago and when I first started to listen I was dubious but soon got into it. I can best describe them as Metal, Reggae, Rock, Dub. I know it sounds a lot but trust me you might just like them. When I saw they had a new album Kill The Power I had to get a hold of it to hear what was new and still love them just as much!
Skindred - Kill the Power
Skindred - Ninja
Skindred - Playing with the Devil

I honestly cant remember how I came across Dub Inc but when I did I fell in love instantly they are a French Reggae band infusing Dancehall, Dub, Ska and Rap. With lyrics in French, English and Arabic i'd say their pretty different from probably your everyday thing (unless of course your French!). I'll definitely be getting some of their older albums as Paradise is a growing favourite.
Dub Inc - Revolution
Dub Inc - 
Chaque Nouvelle Page
Dub Inc - Sounds Good 

Lastly I've been going back to some good old TLC with their album Fanmail, growing up I knew TLC but it was only when my friend introduced me to their albums I became a bigger fan. I owe a lot of good music to her! But i'm sure you know some of these.
TLC - My Life
TLC - Silly Ho
TLC - I'm Good at Being Bad

Ok so it wasn't actually the quickest post, but hopefully you might have found some new music to enjoy and why not just click some links you truly might be surprised what you can end up liking. Tell me what you've been listening to as I love hearing new music, and if you also like anything I posted.

Till next time....


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