Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Clean Bandit New Eyes Review

January this year saw Clean Bandits Rather Be hit No.1 in the U.K charts, which if you hadn't heard of Clean Bandit before i'm sure you have by now. If not check the video out HERE!!

Clean Bandit can best be described as fusion music,  best known for their electric classical mash-up. The four members of the group produce the music whilst having guest artists to appear on each track to sing or rap. Artists such as the up and coming Jess Glyne and Stylo G.
Clean Bandit first caught me with their unique sound something I hadn't really heard before which instantly intrigued me. Whilst predominantly being electric classical, there's elements of house, synthpop, dance and funky.

Every song turns a corner from the last for me, probably from the help of a new feature artist on each track! None the less this is what makes New Eyes a great listen in my eyes! Also allowing the listener the chance to hear maybe lesser known artists with the features, or artists you may have not heard of before. New Eyes is a win for me and a well deserved listen. 

Some of my favourites include Heart on Fire, Up Again and Come Over which is also their newest release so check out the new video for this one.

Do clean bandit have the staying power? Or have they maybe paved the way for this 2014 fusion music style? For me the answer is yes to both questions. But ultimately only time can tell, until then definitely give them and New Eyes a listen i'm sure you won't regret it. 

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