Monday, August 11, 2014

Don't do nothing.... Do good!

We all know what manners are right and the right way to behave? You'd think that, but unfortunately it seems not to be the case most of the time. People appear not to be able to act with decent intent. 

So why I am talking about this? Well, not that this is the first time unfortunately, but why is it if a pregnant lady gets on a train most peoples heads turn the opposite way or face down. Only just today I was on the underground and this exact thing happened! It baffles me every time how she will manage to pass so many people and still have no seat offered. Even more confusing is how many grown men she will pass, with most looking away or at their shiny shoes and nice phones.

 Now don't go all pulling the feminist card on me. No not just men should give their seat up to a pregnant lady, women should too ;but to me, it's just the gentleman thing to do. So why is it now more times than I can count I always get up and give my seat up. Yes the train is hot it's stuffy I'm tired too, but that is no reason a PREGNANT lady should go without a seat, and I mean pregnant as in ready to drop. Noticeably pregnant and in obvious need of a seat.

 It angers me every time. Now I don't know about you but the company I keep and friends I have, I have no doubt in that they would do the same thing and I've seen them do it. I don't get up and give my seat up to feel good about doing a good thing, I do it because it's the right thing! The grateful smile I get of appreciation or the thank you is nice and a good feeling, but as I say it's the right thing to do. Well In my eyes anyway! But the worst thing it's not just that it don't stop there.

 Again I can't count the times I've gotten up or my friend had gotten up for the frail elderly person struggling to keep balance on the train or fighting to get to a seat at the back of the bus because there isn't a seat closer. For me it's not something to think about it comes natural to automatically get up and give my seat to someone who needs it more then me . Then if it's not the pregnant lady or the elderly person it's a parent with a young child their holding. It truly does confuse me. I mean we all have women in our lives who have been pregnant, know people with children, or have grandparents or elderly relatives. So why do people struggle to associate these people in their own lives to strangers, because we're all people. Wouldn't you like to think that your heavily pregnant sister or elderly grandparents would be offered a seat. But how can you if you wouldn't do it yourselves. 

I guess what I'm trying to say ranting aside is it's not hard to do good. We may not all have money to give to charity, but we are all capable of doing good deeds and making someone smile. So just take a second and think of your day is there someone you could of helped with ease but thought someone else would so didn't bother? It's not hard, stand up give your seat up, help the person with the buggy who everyone passes take it down the stairs, give the person short of change in front of you that 20p you know you can spare, offer the homeless person a hot drink outside the coffee shop on a cold day if you have the change. Yes we can't help everyone but little things add up and it never hurts. Make them smile and yourself it can't hurt. Do something nice and be a good person, maybe that good energy will come back around. The world works in mysterious ways.

Till next time....

-Wave after wave, wave after wave

I'm slowly drifting (drifting away)
And it feels like I'm drowning
Pulling against the stream-


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