Saturday, August 02, 2014

July Favourites

So there's a few things I've been liking throughout July, starting with Netflix. I've had Netflix before but decided to get it back mostly because I wanted to watch Orange is the New Black (OITNB). I've heard so much about it I had to finally watch it!
Let me tell you I was not disappointed in the slightest I watched both seasons and now will probably re-watch them again. Its a amazing series and I strongly recommend giving it a watch. Watch the trailer HERE.
After binge watching both seasons Netflix is there when I have nothing to watch, so I have tons of films and TV series to watch now as well.

A couple songs I've been liking this month would have to include Little Simz - Mandarin Oranges part 2.
Have a listen.
I love everything about Lil Simz, her flow her lyrics, I feel like shes something fresh and cant wait to hear more of her music.

Also the amazing track Chandelier by Sia its a great video that I love. So have a listen if you haven't of this too.

Now if you happen to get a chance go check out the musical drama Glasgow girls I highly suggest you don't pass the chance its a great story told in a great way and definitely insightful.

Lastly a little update on Luna who I've had for 2 months now, I cant believe how big she's got and how shes learnt and grown.
The picture below is the first day I brought her home to just recently when she decided to attack my yogurt pot. Shes mischievous full of energy and I fall in love with her more each day.

Till next time....

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