Saturday, August 30, 2014

The Perfect Fit! Dorothy Perkins Eden Jeggings

For the longest time now pretty much all my jeans are bought from Dorothy Perkins. Well should I say the first place I always go for bottoms is DP without a doubt. Which they never disappoint. From their skinny to their high wasted to their jeggings I've had them all.

My favourites are by far the Eden Jeggings range. I love a good pair of jeggings, but it isn't easy to find the perfect pair. Their either not good quality, not the right fit, not comfortable and the list goes on. Not only are the DP Eden jeggings ultra soft, super comfy and great quality making them last a good amount of time. But they are also reasonably priced! Coming in at just over £20 to me you cant say fairer. To be honest I don't think I have ever payed full price for a pair or if not I've got delivery free. DP always seem to be having some sort of sale or promotion going. Even when they don't they always offer student discount.

My recent purchase was the acid Wash style just above, if I didn't love them enough already the acid wash are even better.But I do love pretty much most acid wash denim.
Just like all the jeggings I have had before they fit perfect and are just as soft as all the rest of the Eden range.
(Seriously just go have a feel if your passing a DP.)

Photos Dorothy Perkins website.
The above style are just another example of the Eden range, believe me when I say they are amazing. They come in petite and tall range as well. If you never knew of the DP Eden Jeggings now you do so go see if you agree with my love for them!

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