Friday, September 26, 2014

Steak and Co Steakhouse!

I stumbled across Steak and Co steakhouse wandering around the back streets of Covent Garden. The whole decor of the place and feel is so rustic and homey, I was drawn in straight away.
Whilst outside reading the menu we were greeted by the manager who came out to make conversation. He asked if we had ever had steak cooked on a hot stone, and although we already decided to eat here this sealed the deal.

We ordered our starter to share opting for the garlic bread which was soooo nice. The whole time the staff were friendly and welcoming making us feel comfortable.

Deciding on the rump steak cooked on the hot stone, you get the choice of a shake, a sauce and a butter. I chose the paprika salt, the pepper sauce and of course it had to be the garlic butter.
I thought i'd stick to the basics and keep it simple getting french fries and a tomatoe and onion salad for sides.
When it arrived it smelt amazing and looked just as good although we heard it before we saw it from the sizzling. The hot stone is great as you you can cook your steak more if required and it stops your food going cold. The sauce, shake and butter were perfect adding to the already great taste of the steak. It was cooked perfectly being caramelized on the char grill to lock in flavour first. The sides were the perfect accompaniment as well for that classic steak dinner.

All in all it was a good meal and a good steak, for a decent price with excellent service throughout. I was so full and walked away happy. Next time i'm definitely trying out the ribs as they don't offer just steak but plenty of variety in their other options. I would highly recommend if your in the area or passing and are hungry pop in you wont regret it. This was the St martins Lane restaurant but they do have others scattered around.

Till next time....
-Sorry junior, i already ruined ya
'cause you ain't even alive, paparazzi pursuin ya
sins of a father make yo' life ten times harder-

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