Wednesday, January 21, 2015

New Year...ish

Well this is my first post of the new year and as I write this I have just handed in an essay which I have been stressing about and putting off. I actually think I should change my path to procrastination as I would definitely pass! 

That aside Happy New Year, although a little late but as the saying goes better late then never. But I did feel the need to say it just to say as well a thank you to anyone who reads this or any of my posts. 

So with new year comes the formidable new years resolutions and the urge for everyone to change, i'm all for bettering yourself but don't let the new year be the only time and reason for that. I'm not too into resolutions, there are many things I want to do but that doesn't go for this year that's for my life as a whole.

To people who have resolutions though and are getting through the first month of maybe trying to eat better, exercise more or whatever your resolutions are,don't stress or beat yourself up if you've slipped up or not been as strict as you could. It's ok things take time,don't expect to change your whole lifestyle or way of life and instantly stick to it and see instant changes.It's near impossible! Things take time but that's ok because it just makes things more worthwhile. Nothing is instant, except maybe coffee!

I hope your year is off to the best of starts, I saw a quote which I thought was very apt so i'll leave you with that until my next post.

Till next time....

-Say, I want to give you some good, good lovin' (good, good lovin')-

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