Sunday, April 12, 2015

Music Roundup Time #3

So I have done 2 of these before and you can find them HERE and HERE. I love finding new music and I love sharing music with people so this is just a way to share all the things I have been listening to recently. Just a way for you to get to know some new artists or get to know better the ones you do know. Don't forget click those links and you might find something new!

So to start for you this time I have been listening to Nicki Minaj and her newest album The Pink Print. I do love her music and have seen her in concert a couple of times. I tend to find she is a hit and miss with people but there is usually at least one song people like even if their not the biggest fans.
Nicki Minaj ft Drake & Lil Wayne - Truffle Butter
Nicki Minaj ft Drake, Lil wayne & Chris Brown - Only

I came across Dogs Die in Hot Cars simply from curiosity and intrigue of their name, Please Describe Yourself is their debut album which came out in 2004. They are an indie rock band with that definite British sound.
Dogs Die in Hot Cars - Somewhat off the way
Dogs Die in Hot Cars - Godhopping

J.Cole's 2014 Forest Hills Drive was a much anticipated album and for good reason. It has become one of my favourite albums easily. I won't say too much as I plan on doing a more in depth review but please do check it out if you have not already.

I have not watched the Fifty Shades of  Grey film and its not looking promising that I will. I tried to read the book but I just couldn't. I reached my limit pretty quickly of how many times I could read that he murmured. None the less the sound track is pretty good!
The Weeknd - Earned it
Annie Lennox - I put a spell on you
Jessie Ware - Meet me in the Middle

When Chris Brown and Tyga brought out their Fan of a Fan mix-tape I loved it I think they are great artists but together are even better. When I heard they were making the Fan of a fan album of course I got my hands on it.

I've never been the biggest fan of Justin Bieber but once I heard his Journals album I was somewhat converted. Every song is good and a great listen definitely recommended for those RnB lovers.
Justin Bieber - Recovery

Justin Bieber - Hold Tight
Justin Bieber - Heartbreaker

 I stumbled across the ODESZA EP In Return by chance, and I am so happy I did its amazing. Electronic music at its best and perfect to just chill out to and relax. I am almost certain you will like their chilled out vibe.
ODESZA ft Zyra - Say my Name

ODESZA - Bloom
ODESZA - Always This Late    

Now Sam Smith needs no introduction his In the Lonely Hour album is amazing and I love to listen to his angelic voice whilst I chill out, the male Adele as my friend says.
Sam Smith - Lay me Down

Sam Smith - Like I Can
Sam Smith - Restart

Tinashe is fast becoming one of my favourite artists, I love her debut album Aquarius. She has a great sound and I actually look forward to hearing new music from her.
Tinashe ft Devonte Hynes - Bet

Tinashe ft SchoolBoy Q - 2 On
Tinashe ft A$AP Rocky - Pretend

Another music round up down and I hope you have maybe found some new music. Let me know if you like any of the artist linked and what you've been listening to lately.

Till next time....

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