Monday, April 06, 2015

SRFT Gaming: The Escapists review

I, like most people watch YouTube and with being a gamer I watch a lot of gaming channels,so I discovered The Escapists through that.
Now if you love a retro look to your gaming you will love the pixel graphics just as much as I do, The Escapists is a single player strategy game in which you work your way through different prisons trying to escape via the numerous routes. You must follow the routines of prison life whilst under the watch of the guards and plan your escape.

After a friendly welcome from the warden you get to jump straight into your new life in prison. You choose how close you follow the routine of the day and when to stray away to start hatching your plans.

Make friends with fellow inmates and enjoy the witty comments they say at random, with jobs to earn money and keep you in line you will always be busy, and the opportunity to steal from your new found friends cells, and pick up some of the 185+ unique items. You can then turn these items into tools to aid your escape.

If you can't find the item you are looking for you can always buy it from your friendly prison dealer.

Craft weapons from a comb blade to nun-chucks and give the guards and prisoners a beat down.

Boost your stats to help craft more intricate items, increase the damage you dish out and your health to withstand those hefty batons the guards have. Use the gym during exercise period or extend your gym time to your free periods to get them gains.

Take on favours from other inmates to earn a little extra money, be it locating specific items distracting the guards or beating up other prisoners, all those dollars help aid your escape.

I have fallen in love with the game and its countless possibilities, as I mentioned I love the graphic style and various prisons, from snowy Stalag Flucht to the Shankton State Pen each prison is different also increasing in difficulty giving you the chance to put your skills to the test.
I like a game with loads of possibilities and free control, like The Sims for instance. You can escape as quickly as you want or take your time. For me I like to go back in a game and explore all possibilities and this gives you the perfect chance to do so.

Tunnel  your way out, cut your way out, scale walls, zip line to freedom, start a prison riot and just walk out, your choice just don't get caught!

I just wanted to share with you what I think is a great game, you can get it by going to the Steam website and downloading it for £12.99 which I think is reasonable. Don't take my word for it go have a look at the link and watch some game play footage and check it out and tell me if you do.

The Escapists on Steam 

Till next time....

My car is stolen, no registration,Cops patrolling, and now they done stop me,And I get locked up-


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