Monday, May 04, 2015

A whole heap of events

So I realised I hadn't posted the events I had been to in March and April and I don't want to bore you with numerous posts or bombard you with similar ones so I thought i'd kill 3 birds with 1 stone and chuck them all together.

So I got to go along to simple's new micellar water launch and soft and gentle's new deodorant launch in the same day, which was more tiring then I thought it would be. But we decided to be cool bloggers and catch an Uber between events (nothing to do with having a £10 off voucher code at all). Then there was also the La Roche Posay launch of some new sun protection products, thankfully on a different day to which my feet were grateful.

Soft and Gentle Skin Science
So we (and by we I mean me and lea from Sincerely Shug) headed over to the Soft and Gentle launch of their 3 new skin science deodorants. Now I was slightly skeptical of how interesting and fun this event would be after all it is deodorant, but I was pleasantly surprised with the event and it has actually been one of my favourite events to date. 

Ultra Protect is aimed at all those gym goers and fitness bunnies, recently I decided to try to live a healthier lifestyle, including intense bootcamp sessions 3 times a week and also running/jogging. So this came around at the perfect time, and I have to say is my favourite out of the 3. I will finish my session and still feel covered in the sweat department. 

If you have been to any events in the blogging world, don't you just love the presentation of the food and drinks, a photographers playground. The edible rubble was a nice touch to the Really Pure section.

Really Pure is for the Eco conscious free from all nasties. This was my favourite backdrop of the 3. You can't really go wrong with neon bunnies and flamingos can you. It was hard to leave without secretly taking any of the props.

Last of the 3 is Visibly Smooth which offers hair minimising protection, and also had the more perfumy scent. Again I loved the props, so props for that.....

Simple Micellar Cleansing Water
By far one of the swankiest places I have been to for an event, held at the Mondrian Hotel Spa it was the perfect backdrop for the new Micellar Water. The interior was amazing I just wished I got some photos but I was so tired by this time I completely forgot.

I really wanted to steal the giant S for obvious reasons who doesn't like giant lit up shiny things. I have to say as nice as it was to look at and as soothing as it was, I struggled to not fall into the water in the middle of the room.

I have to say it is one of the best high street micellar waters I have tried so would recommend giving it a go.

La Roche Posay Anthelios Skin Checker Launch
I have become a bit of a La Roche Possay fan girl since going to a previous event of theirs which you can read HERE. So it was great to get to know their sun protection range better. I have Lea constantly nag me about wearing sun protection but with good reason. Skin Cancer is in the top 10 most common cancers in Europe, it doesn't take any time at all to put it on so just do it and keep your skin looking youthful.

They launched their skin checker campaign during the event, which aims to get people to check their beauty spots more often and of the ones we love too. Hence the dalmatians, in balloon form. It was a struggle getting them home but we couldn't leave them behind even though mine tried to escape into the night.
Check out the Skin Checker video HERE.

As I have said before I love getting to photograph these events. Have you been to any events recently?

Till next time....

- I wanna love you, and treat you right,
I wanna love you, every day and every night -

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