Monday, May 18, 2015

Skizzy Mars The Red Balloon Project

Don't you love stumbling across music unexpectedly and it becomes something you can't stop listening to? This exact thing happened to me with Skizzy Mars and his The Red Balloon Project.

Skizzy Mars is a New York rapper, more specifically from Manhattan. Don't think conventional hip hop or rap, think indie rap. This is the best way I can describe the style, his songs are feel good and catchy whilst steering far enough from mainstream to stand out. As I said his music has a feel good vibe and I have had no trouble listening through the whole EP without skipping a single song.

Catchy and smart lyrics make his music not just easy to listen to but even the more so worthwhile. By far my favourite track has to be 'The City' ft Phoebe Ryan. I can't tell you how much I have rinsed this song on repeat. The beats are melodic dreams in which he completes with perfect lyrics to accompany. I'm sure its not just me who feels as if they are in their own music video or such when they are out with their headphones in? These 7 tracks of gold make me feel just like that every time I am out listening to them.

As I always say don't take my word for it give it a listen. I will definitely be back tracking to some of his earlier work to see what I have missed out on, whilst waiting for a full album to drop! I think people will be hearing the name Skizzy Mars more often in the near future.

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