Thursday, June 25, 2015

Brighton in a day

Back in April I went to Brighton for the day with my best friend (Sincerely Shug) for her birthday! I love the seaside and I envy those who live near it. It was a great day and I thoroughly enjoyed it and expect to be visiting many more times. I decided against taking my dslr along, only as I wanted to just enjoy the day and not be occupied photographing everything which is what would of happened. So I just used my phone (iPhone 6) to capture some stuff and this is those pictures.
I really love this shot I don't know what it is possibly the lines running through the photo but I had to stop and take a sneaky snap.

Of course when you go to the seaside you need to take some obligatory sea shots, and of course being in Brighton I had to take a shot of the derelict burnt down west pier, and a quick shot of the signposting on the way to the lanes!

I have this thing for photographing bikes that I love. So this picture was a perfect shot, complete with seagull in flight.

Again another lone bike, i'm thinking of starting a little ongoing project, a series of photos of bikes being the main focus. I already have two to the collection! We made a pit stop to eat and decided on this cool little place near the lanes called Burgers and Cocktails, I opted for the chicken schnitzel with chips and coleslaw and I was very satisfied. I loved the decor inside and the walls decorated on the way to the toilets with all flyers from live music events they had hosted, and who doesn't like vinyls as decorations?

After food we carried on exploring, don't you love the cute pastel colours that buildings get painted at the seaside?

We headed for the Brighton Pavilion which is a beautiful building and needs much further exploring next time.

As I said it was a great day out and sometimes not everything needs editing and processing its nice to enjoy pictures in their raw form exactly as they were taken in the moment. I have a load of shots of graffiti as the back roads were a graffiti lovers haven, which I love so I will be sure to do another post just for that.

Where have you strayed from home to recently let me know I would love to see.

Don't forget to check out Sincerely Shug's post on the day to see all her cool photos too!

Till next time....

-They say it's easy to leave you behind, I don't wanna try-

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