Friday, July 10, 2015

A$AP Rocky - At.Long.Last.A$AP Review

At long last Asap is the second studio album from A$AP Rocky. To put it short the album is the equivalent to a musical version of a drug infused ride, without the need to take any drugs what so ever. This is personified perfectly in the aptly named track LSD, the video is a must watch, the trippy visuals accompany the track perfectly and make for a pretty cool watch.

Asap came back on this one in full force, taking you on a musical roller coaster.From the gospel tones running through Holy Ghost, to the sultry sounds of Jukebox Joint and back to the head bopping Electric Body. The album boasts a plethora of feature artists featuring the likes of Kanye West, M.I.A, Schoolboy Q, Lil Wayne and even Rod Stewart are among the many. One name does appear often and bags a feature on 5 tracks and that is the virtually unknown (until now) Joe Fox. Joe Fox's dulcet tones add that something extra to each track he appears on and with his distinguishable British voice, he has become somewhat of a protege for Asap, even helping write and produce some of the tracks he featured on, not a bad outcome from a chance meeting on the streets of London at which time he had no idea who Asap was!

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The whole album is a notable listen, for me Fine Whine is a favourite alongside Pharsyde. It's definitely an album that takes you on a journey, with sharp corners at every track, steering far enough onto the beaten track to keep attention.

This album ranks high with me but are you a fan?

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-I know I'm a scumbag and now your heart broke, The night is still young, for you to sip and whine-



  1. I'm definitely a massive fan of A$AP Rocky, but I'm honestly yet to give this whole album a listen. Sounds like it's amazing though!!! x
    Eden x / edenroses

    1. It is very well done, worth the time to listen!



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