Sunday, July 26, 2015 Business Card Review

Recently I have been in the processes of taking my photography more serious and turning it into a business. My website ( an overhaul and I also made a new logo. So everything could start fresh! So with that I wanted business cards, after checking out a few places I settled on Moo.

I uploaded my own design on the front just of my logo, I opted for simplicity.Moo have tons of ready made designs if your not feeling too creative. I ordered 50 to start and see how I go. They came in this black box to store them in on the go, but I bought another in the white, which was pretty inexpensive so I can separate them and have a spare lot in another bag, as I know I will most likely swap bags and forget them! It also comes with these handy little dividers. Moo has outstanding quality and I was very impressed, I chose the matte look just out of preference but have seen the gloss from a friend and they are equally as nice. They feel thick and not flimsy at all, but they do have other paper options and the option to have rounded corners.

The information side I chose a template they had and filled out my details and uploaded a picture to make them a little more interesting, as well as following a theme from my websites homepage and Facebook page. In total it took me no more than 15 minutes to make and order, the site is very easy to use. For 50 cards it cost me with delivery a little over £15, which I think is reasonable especially as they are such great quality.

In all I would have to recommend Moo hands down if you want some business cards printing,or similar brand related products.I have tried a few other printing companies but Moo is winning with quality so far!
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Till next time....

-If they don't know your worth, Tell 'em you're my girl, And anything you want is yours-

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