Monday, July 06, 2015

To Uni, Or not to Uni? The big question

Do you remember the panic and stress around this time of year? Being in college and having exams and the struggle that is UCAS. Or are you going through that now? All I remember of the time was constantly being chased by my tutor for my personal statement, which still remains to this day one of the hardest things I have had to write. There always seems to be so much debate around the topic of university. To go, not to go, to have a gap year, get a job? So many questions but not too many answers. That is in most part because there are no answers, no right thing to do, you just do what you think is best and roll with it. I could end the post there, because that is actually all there is to it, you do what you think is best. But I just want to give my opinion on the whole uni debacle.

I think we forget that university has no age limit and that the choices we make at that moment isn't the last definitive time we will have to make them. When it came down to it I chose not to go to university, originally my plan had been to take a gap year and then go to uni to study photography following on from college. However, as with life things don't go to plan, and my results came through, I got into three of my choices and one of which I would of had to do an extra year starting out with an entry level type course to be able to study what I originally intended. That was what the plan was to be after waiting for a few days to hear from clearing, but when it came to decision time, something told me now wasn't the time and I went with that.

Nearly everyone I knew was going to university and it was all anyone would ask, "oh what uni you going to? Your not going? So what are you going to do?". At that point I didn't know, but all I knew was that uni wasn't for me right there and then and that was fine. But there was always a part of me that felt like I was doing something wrong or making a mistake. This was a feeling I couldn't shake for a good couple years but it eventually subsided and I realised it was never going to be for me not in the conventional sense anyway and I just didn't see a need to study something I could for the most part in my opinion teach myself.

So fast forward to last year and I decided to sign up with the Open University. 
I decided I wanted to study something, not necessarily for anything or for anyone. Just for me, just so I can say to myself I did it and I did it for me. I chose to do creative writing and literature and spread it over 6 years with part time study. I took on the OU as a somewhat challenge to myself as well. To motivate myself to do the work to read what I need to read and to get essays done. Comparing this to to when I originally intended to go to uni, everything about this felt right, the timing, the course itself everything. 

What I'm saying is that if your unsure what to do in regards to university, there is no right answer. Do what ever you want. Go, don't go, take a gap year then make your mind up, get a job or whatever you feel is right. And if you change your mind it'll still be there whether 2 or 20 years later. If you want to go just for the experience go. If you want to go to make people proud then go, as long as you do it for yourself first. Don't feel obliged to go because you have to make people proud or prove something to anyone. The Open University fits me perfectly and its what I want, I love writing and I love that with this course I'll get to explore that, and when I finish it i'll have something for that effort. In no way is it easier studying at home, is it harder well that is a matter of personal opinion. But what it is, is a chance for me to explore all the other things in life I want to whilst studying. The open university is what works for me, but might bot work for others. Uni is also a time to grow and learn not academically but in life. There is so much to learn moving away or staying at home. But then there is also so much to learn going into work or travelling. Don't feel like uni is something you have to do, there are so many options and routes available to you, just know that there are always options and one which will suit you.

I plan to do a post a bit more in detail about the Open University, but if you are interested check out their website in the mean time.
The OU offers tons and tons of higher education courses so check out what they do offer you may be surprised.

What are your opinions on university, or not going to university? And what worked for you, would you change anything?

Till next time....

-Everything is changing, And I've been here for too long, Going through the same things, I've been hurting too long-

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