Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Vinyl isn't dead... New Old Things

I think with the thriving hipster community it is safe to say vinyl most definitely is not dead. Not that I truly know what a hipster is by exact definition. Although I have jokingly been called a hipster, maybe I am one? Who knows. Someone help me define it please! What I do know is I have acquired a few things that I can uniformly describe as old. So with that I thought it could be cool to share that with you guys, that and I am in the process of (slowly) decorating, and these things add to my room and its decor, and sharing is fun right? 

Now it is fair to say I am definitely a lover of music. Music surrounded me growing up, my mum is an avid music listener, owning thousands of cds and vinyls, cassettes, mini discs (ten points if you remember that short phase) even reel to reels (15 if you even know what they are). So I have always loved music. As much as I love the digital age you can't truly beat holding a CD and reading the lyrics from the sleeve or putting a vinyl on to play. For the longest time I wanted to start my own vinyl collection and get hold of my own record player.
As much as I love pretty neat looking record players like the ones you find in Urban Outfitters, and I will probably get my hands on one at some point, I wanted something that had age and was a bit more authentic? Now this had been a thought for a long while, there is something that always attracts me about old vintage/ retro things, maybe I'm old before my time? So to cut a long story short on how this little beauty came to be in my possession, my mum was asked if she could help a neighbour clear a house. This was there and was going to get thrown away! Yes just thrown out, so my mum knowing I was after one brought it home and here it is in its new pride and place and it cost me absolutely nothing!

So as I said I'm in the slow process of redecorating my room, with that I needed somewhere to house and hold my newest addition. So I picked up the ever so typical Ikea box storage which I am sure so many of you have yourselves. In case your not familiar you can see it here.
 Did I mention that it came with two speakers in full working order in that classic grainy brown wood, for now one resides in the unit itself until I find a suitable place for it, but I think it looks cool where it is for the moment. The yellow storage boxes are perfect, adding a splash of colour and its also one of the main colours I'm running with in redecoration.

I love the brushed silver effect and the fact it has a cassette player and built in radio. To be honest I love the whole look of it all the dials and the lid just add something for me. One of my most recent additions making an appearance above, my Arctic Monkeys vinyl, a present from my bestie for my recent birthday!

One of the draws is used to store some of my records whilst the other two add much needed extra storage to my room. A big portion of my collection comes in the form of donations/ theft from my mum, a few gifts, and guess what more free stuff! My mum brought home a load of vinyl which was going to join my new friend on the skip if she didn't rescue them. Also a friend wanted rid of some old records they no longer wanted so of course I took them off their hands. I have bought some but who can argue with free stuff, free cool stuff at that. There is a record shop a ten minute bus ride from where I live so I fully intend on paying a visit in the near future.

My love for old things is growing more and I am adding to my collection so expect a few more posts on my new old things. Do you love records and have a collection? Let me know I would love to see your set up. If you like little blasts from the past too be sure to show me your old things and keep an eye out for some more new old things.

Till next time....

But when it comes to being De La 
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