Saturday, September 12, 2015

Sexy Hair, Don't Care

Recently I have been making the transition to go blonde, I naturally have dark hair so the process was never going to be easy. I don't have the money to splash out a salon for it to be done professionally, so I'm opting for store bought box dye and so far its going well. But as with dying hair in general it can cause damage and leave hair brittle which is never good, especially when you have naturally thin hair. So when I came into contact with the brand Sexy Hair at the catalyst showcase I was intrigued with what their range had to offer. The lovely people at Catalyst were kind enough to send over some products to try.

-Blonde Sexy Hair-
The Blonde Sexy Hair range is aimed at those who have blonde, highlighted or silver hair, the bottle is even host to one of the most iconic 
blondes - Marilyn Monroe. The Bright Blonde Shampoo is a violet shampoo which is designed to tone down those brassy yellow tones. It is a very deep rich purple colour and I have found that when using you don't need to continuously go back for more product. With using box dyes it was somewhat inevitable that I would have brassy tones, since using the Bright Blonde Shampoo for a few weeks I have to say I have seen significant reduction in those tones. The shampoo does not leave my hair feeling stripped like others have in the past and the shampoo doesn't smell overpowering like some salon products can. It is recommended to work more on the roots of your head when using as this is where brassy tones are more prominent.

The Bombshell Blonde Conditioner is a daily conditioner which is recommended to use after the Bright Shampoo. It is designed to defend against environmental damage and keep hair bright and strong, avoiding split ends and fading. I haven't used it as a daily conditioner as I personally don't like to wash my hair daily, but every time I use the violet shampoo I use the conditioner after. It leaves my hair feeling super soft and silky, even if I let my hair dry naturally it still feels super soft. The two together make for a winning combo and  I will most definitely continue to use it in my endeavor to be the perfect blonde.

-Big Sexy Hair-
I have found a holy grail worthy title in Full Bloom! Full Bloom is thickening and refreshing spray, and I can say it does exactly that. I have naturally thinner hair, whenever I use Full Bloom I can't help but run my fingers through my hair and take in how thick it actually feels! It truly does make hair feel thicker, combine that with the most amazing smell and you have a winning product. It provides an amazingly fruity smell to your hair which delivers time released scent to your blowout for up to 72 hours. It is also a heat protector providing protection during blow drying. I use it when blow drying and when naturally drying my hair and it still leaves my hair feeling thick. It also helps to combat frizz, so a multi purpose product I  highly recommend to try.

Sexy Hair offer tons of products in different ranges to suit your needs, be sure to check out the american export which is taking salons by storm. Pop over to the Sexy Hair website and find a salon selling near you, I can't wait to explore what else Sexy Hair have to offer and indulge and treat my hair! Whether you are looking for straight, curly  or healthy Sexy Hair have you covered.

Till next time....

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