Monday, November 09, 2015

A New Look

So I was looking over my blog and thinking, I didn't like the whole feel of it. The look and the content. The look wasn't what I wanted or imagined, I decided on something cleaner and fresh and a bit more usable. The problem was not with content, as in the posts I have previously wrote but with the posts I was not writing. I say that this is a lifestyle blog but yet I rarely write actual lifestyle posts. I want to write posts about things that mean something to me and things I have an opinion on. 

So with that and with my new look blog lets look to a fresh start for the autumn. I've split my blog into four main categories, being: Photography, Music, Lifestyle and Tech. So if your looking for something specific its now much easier to find it :-). I will throw my hands up and admit I have never in my life been the most organised person and my blog has fallen under the list of unorganised things in my life, but I hope to update much more regularly as fresh starts always bring a fresh wave of motivation so I hope to keep that new found momentum going.

Also expect to see much more of my photography over here and not just on my website ( I find at times I feel reluctant to share my work but, how can anyone grow in anything without feedback (and hopefully praise) for work they produce, if no one can see it.
Overall I just want to take this a bit more serious and use it as a bid to improve structuring things around me and organising that long list of things that are written here there and everywhere.
If you wasn't already sure my new layout is from the ever amazing Pipdig, the template was very affordable and you have a self install option which was super easy with their instructions so go check them out.

So here is to new(ish) beginnings!
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Till next time....

-Sometimes it's hard to do the right thing, When the pressure's coming down like lightning-

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