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Oh Wonder Album review!

Oh Wonder the South London duo immediately caught my attention when I heard the first song on their self titled album. Do you ever love something you discover so much you want to share it with everyone? Well that's all I've been doing with this album and now I want to share it with you.
So the album came to existence September just passed, the idea was to release a new song each month and then chuck it all into an album and what an album it turned out to be. Now I know I say most albums I review are great but I'm not going to share music I don't think is good am I?

Now I would recommend first listening to them in the evening, when you want to wind down. So imagine if indie pop made slow jams? This would be the outcome of just that. Think of a James Blake and X Ambassadors esque sound and your along the paths of Oh Wonder.

"It's really odd because we didn't write it as such, but now I look back and see conversations throughout the album between people that are suffering from loneliness and fear and isolation and depression, and then there's ideas of being there for someone and comforting someone, the importance of human relationships, I guess. It's only when you sit back that you see those little stories and it's really weird, that over a year they all had the same little stories that were pouring out of us, that have manifested themselves in totally different songs."
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I think the words "the importance of human relationships" is the perfect way to explain this album and its whole sound and message. It's very apparent how much their music means to them and also refreshing to know they write, produce and mix their own music too. Piano riffs aplenty each song is amazing in its own right. The opening track livewire continues to be my favourite as hard as it is to pick one.

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Whilst both voices are soft and dreamy each songs words and meaning still manage to come across and make their point, leaving an after taste making you want the next song every time. Body Gold is also a huge favourite alongside Without You. The duo had  millions of plays on their Soundcloud before the album was even released and the then little known band grabbed themselves a recording contract whilst they were at it as well. Now I'm not usually one for live gigs and shows, but when I knew they performing I actually got so disappointed knowing everywhere was sold out. Nevertheless I can't say that an artist or band have got me this excited about music in a while, so I patiently await any new music to come my way from them.

I urge you to give them a go and see if you like them just as much, next time your relaxing, maybe studying or trying to get some work done, stick on Oh Wonder and see if you have a new favourite too.

Till next time....

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