Thursday, January 14, 2016

Photos for Daze #1

So this is week #1 of photos for daze! So these are photos I have taken from the first of January to the 10th so a few extra thrown in than what will be the typical 7. If your unsure what this even is then let me explain. This is my new 365/6 project, I have no theme and I am not documenting my day to day. I intend to produce a decent standard picture for each day, I want to be able to inspire myself and just create more in general. I want to use it as a good way to install habits for myself such as always carrying my DSLR. So all photos will be taken on my DSLR and that is everything covered I think?
Now the new year decided to bless me with the flu, which of course I am soo grateful I didn't leave the house a great deal in the first few days of the new year. So yeah, there are some images I had no choice but to photograph something inside. 

1st January

I am going to honest and say that these first two photos I got to about ten in the evening and then remembered I am doing this project so I decided the fairy lights with my watch made for an interesting photo purely just for the lighting. I took advantage of the christmas decorations still being around and used the lights for the back drop of the phone, which you should have seen already in my hello 2016 post and if you don't say it singing it to Adele's do now. 
2nd January

3rd January

 This is a book I am currently reading which I will be telling you all about soon, but I liked the focus on the word of alive. I have somewhat of a love for these type of photos like below, where the focus is changed to out of focus and you essentially get just discs of light, the picture becomes almost like an abstract art me anyway.

4th January

5th January

 Don't be fooled by photos from outside I only felt well enough to venture to the shop and not much further which is where I took these on two separate days. I love taking pictures at night or in the evening it's one of my favourite subjects. In the photo below I managed to have enough time at the crossing waiting for the lights to change to balance my camera on the crossing button and take a longer exposure to capture the cars movement. This is possibly my favourite from this week, and I will for sure experiment with shorter light trails.

6th January

7th January

 There was a beautiful sunrise just looking over the train tracks so I wanted to capture it but not generically, so I put my focus on the branches and have the blurred colours in the background which I think makes a nice shot! I promise I won't do the light disc pictures all the time but this one just looked so pretty I couldn't resist.

8th January

9th January

I love the eeriness of the tower block with the slight mist which was in the air, this was the result of again complete;y forgetting I was doing the project. But I actually like the outcome, it has a very The Streets - Original Pirate Material album cover vibe. An album I really want on viny to add to my wall display. The photo below was one I came about making from lack of inspiration so I decided I liked the pattern of the radiator and it created a cool pattern and black and white just worked better for me.
10th January

Till next time....

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