Thursday, February 04, 2016

Photos for Daze #2

11th January
The sun was rising over the train tracks so beautifully, I just loved the colours more than anything against the blacked out silhouettes. I like repetition in photos or patterns and lines to follow and the fence was perfect for that.

12th January

13th January

This is the same place as a shot from the previous week but again it works so well with the train tracks in the background faded out and the slight hues from the sunrise coming through. For the 14th I went simple, and sometimes that is all you need. 

14th January

15th January

Again another simplistic approach for the day, I love the harsh contrast of the black trim of the house against the sky. Again the bars have that repetition I love.

16th January

17th January

I love silhouette photos and this sign post in the foreground whilst the sun rises in the background I think makes the perfect silhouette. I love the branches and tower block in the background adding some detail to the image as a whole.

 So that is another week down and this time a whole week of photos taken outside. I had a week of early rises so I was usually out walking just before 8 so hence the pretty skies. Some of these photos are more simple than others but again I like it, simplicity works best sometimes.

I'm a bit behind with the uploads of these but the photos are there I just can't find the time to get them up, but they will be up at some point. :)

Till next time....


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